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How to order?

1, Create an account on this site including more than one of your Player ID name, Character name or Shop ad.


2, Choose amount of Phantasy star online 2 Meseta (PSO2 Meseta) and add it to the shopping cart.


3, Checkout using PayPal or Skrill. We recommend you use Skrill or Verified PayPal account and cofirmed PayPal address. 


4, Upon receipt your payment, we will deliver you Phantasy star online 2 Meseta (PSO2 Meseta) usually within half an hour by following method.

  • Recommend delivery by Post through Shop. Please place a worthless weapon or armor in your shop for your order amount for sale. We will buy this worthless item from your shop within 12 hours for delivery of your order after we receive your payment, usually within half an hour.
  • No recommend delivery by Trade in Game because we should take some time to gather enough Meseta. Please click Contact Us to arrange the meeting time if you choose this method. Meeting place is on front of  weapon shop on block 08.


    5, For new customers, we will verify your order before we deliver you meseta.